EOS Holistic PT Package

Personal Training on its own is a great way to focus your fitness efforts. However, we believe that we are greater than the sum of our parts, therefore, when looking at a health/wellness journey we need to look at; exercise outside of a PT session, likes/dislikes, barriers to being successful, nutrition, mental wellbeing, stress levels, emotional wellbeing, family/work commitments etc. are all things to be considered alongside a PT session. 

You can exercise 7 days a week for an hour each time, but if your nutrition isn't on-point, or your stress levels are through the roof with a bout of insomnia thrown in - you'll likely experience an uphill struggle all the way.

If you have struggled to find the balance in your life with happiness, exercise, nutrition, stress and want to find a solution that will look after you for the rest of your life, then we'd like to help you with our full Holistic PT Package.

Losing weight, optimising your nutritional intake, educating you on nutrients, practicing a little self care, stress management, quality of sleep etc are just some of the elements we focus on in our holistic package.   We provide you with an ever evolving nutrition and exercise plan whilst helping you identify triggers and coping strategies for other aspects of your wellness journey.  

It’s time to put your needs first.

Diet & Lifestyle Consultation

We need to find out where you are right now, before we can develop your programme to take you where you want to be.



We calculate your calorie requirements specific for you, and various  deficit levels so you can understand your metabolism and calorie requirements for weight loss



3 sessions per week over the 12 week period


Weekly support on nutrition, monthly support on progress and adaptations as you move through your 12 week programme.

Access to our Resource Library

Knowledge is power.  And we provide you with that power so that you can take these changes forward.  Home study, video's, articles and the best external resources 


What do you get?


Coaching is bespoke and by application only.

Use the link opposite to book a FREE no obligation consultation call and chat to me personally about your goals.

Personal Training (Basic)

We offer personal training and private Pilates tuition outside of our group exercise schedule.

In these  tailored one-to-one personal training sessions, our professional and highly qualified trainers will work with you to design a programme around your fitness goals. Taking place in our private dedicated space, each session should be tough but enjoyable: conducted at a pace that suits you but doesn't let your objectives slip. Depending on those goals, your programme may (or may not) involve the Pilates equipment/apparatus, TRX traning, free weights, bodyweight training, boxing gloves and pads and more.  

Personal tuition is perfect if you are rehabilitating after an injury or want to prevent an injury, or maybe you are looking to gain strength, improve fitness, change your training style or complement a sporting activity. You might also fancy coupling one-to-one training with our group exercise classes, to create a fantastic fitness package.

Stand alone PT Sessions can vary in duration, location, number of attendees, and longevity, so it's best to give us a call to talk things through first!


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