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The Postnatal PT

Hey Mamma's!

The Postnatal PT is the dedicated postnatal arm of Eos Fitness where we offer exercise programmes expertly tailored to each stage of your post natal journey.

Training mamas has always been my MO, and since the birth of my second child 7 years ago I have dedicated my career to learning and developing everything I know around postnatal fitness.  Since then, I have made it my mission to create safe, progressive workouts, that are specific to each stage of your mama journey and to your physical needs.

When I first qualified in pre & postnatal training back in 2012, it all seemed straightforward enough.  The birth of my first child was a few years past and everything seemed to be in great shape so I never really had the need to question anything.  Then my second child arrived and all of a sudden, the information I learned on that course seemed to have no bearing on where I was or how I could get back to my prenatal conditioning.  

Postnatal training can be an incredibly complex journey to navigate.  This isn't just about jumping straight back into burpees as soon as you have passed your 6 week check up with your GP/midwife, there is so much more to it that that.  But the good news is, with the right support (Hi!)  we can get you rehabilitated, fit, strong and well after pregnancy and childbirth.


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