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The TRX® suspension trainer is an exercise system that leverage's gravity and your bodyweight to allow you to perform many different exercises and workout routines.

Anyone can benefit from this form of suspension training as you are in control of the level of resistance/difficulty, simply shifting the position of your body to add or decrease resistance accordingly.

Whether you are undertaking rehabilitation after being injured, hard core athletic training for a marathon or gentle weekly exercises just to keep fit, suspension training is an awesome workout to add into your weekly routine.

£7.50 per class drop in rate

£6.50 per class membership rate*


Mixed Ability Pilates

Pilates classes suitable for all.

Our Mixed Ability Matwork Classes are designed to cater for varying levels of Pilates experience from beginners to those that are more experienced. These classes include both contemporary and classical Pilates mat based exercises and modifications are offered for all levels. The classes are structured but varied, to offer a different challenge each week.

£7.50 per class drop in rate

£6.50 per class membership rate


Post Natal Pilates

Don't let the name fool you - this Pilates class will suit everyone, but this is a specialist class focussing on specific exercises for the post natal body - no matter how old your child is.  

Anyone with a niggle, an ache or a pain that has appeared after your little one did, or if you have specific conditions such as pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis recti, lower back pain, shoulder issues, tight hips, weak gluteals or anything in between, then this Pilates class is for you.

This class helps you connect with your body again, and makes you aware of what is happening, and by association, what shouldn't be happening in your body, and teaches you how to connect, align, and rebuild strength and stability from the inside out.

£8.00 per class drop in rate

£7.00 per class membership rate*



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Our booking system is pretty responsive and knows when you're viewing the site from a mobile. But you can download our mobile app for super-duper ease for booking. 

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Drop in rates apply to single sessions purchased

*Membership rates apply to pre-paid blocks of 10 classes


Fit Camp

A bit like a bootcamp type class but no scary shouting.  

Fit Camp is a fun and challenging (in equal measures we hope!) workout based on Bootcamp/circuits style workouts but without any of the scary instructors. Classes are packed with activity and designed to help you build a strong body and mind in no time.

Eos Fit Camps are different every time. We mix a little bit of fun with strength & cardio HIIT (high intensity interval training) circuits, and team activities!

Classes are designed so that people of all levels of fitness can participate and each person can get the most out of a class regardless of age or ability! The only thing we ask is that you don't try, you do. If you're giving 100% in a class, then we're happy.

£6.50 per class drop in rate

£5.50 per class membership rate*