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COVID-19 General Information for participants

Social Distancing/Class Spacing

Where ever possible maintain a 2m distance at all times. In line with the Scottish Government’s guidance, we will be operating an “On The Spot” class with a 9sqm space for each class participant. That means any exercise you do will be contained with in your designated space. This figure is based on a physical footprint of 1sq per person and the requirement to maintain a 2m distance. The number of participants in a class will therefore be capped to account for this and each workout square will be marked on the floor for ease.


There will be sanitisation stations within the gym and we encourage their use upon entering the gym, then leaving the gym after class and if you need to use the toilet. A single toilet will be available, although we do ask that you only use this if you absolutely have to. Please sanitise your hands upon exiting the gym and before entering the toilet There will be cleaning products available in the toilet and we would encourage you to clean the facilities before use. The Centre will clean the space after each class and general communal areas in line with the Scottish Government's guidelines.

Class Format & Equipment

To allow us to test the new protocols, and indeed iron out any potential issues, we have decided to operate all classes in a bodyweight format in the first instance. However, if you have any equipment that you wish to bring along - a small set of weights, wrist/ankle weights, a weighted vest, resistance bands etc, we welcome those in class and we will show you how they can be incorporated into a session. The Centre will be limiting available equipment in order to limit contact points and post-class clean down times. We ask that where possible you bring your own mats to class. We (Eos Fitness) will have a small range of mats available for hire for a 4 week period. Resistance bands will be available for purchase too. Otherwise, we ask that you keep personal belongings to a minimum - only bring what is absolutely necessary.


The WHO recommends that masks should NOT be worn during exercise, however if you feel safer wearing one, we welcome your decision to do so. Your time in communal areas is minimal (a small entry corridor between the fire door and the gym, so there is no requirement to wear a mask upon entry and exit. However, if you would feel safer wearing a mask during ingress/egress, the we encourage you to do so The instructor will remain at the front of the class and will provide any advice from there to allow for a 2m distance at all times. We will do my upmost to keep you safe not only from Covid-19 but from a health perspective too. On the occasion where your instructor may need to be less than 2m away, they will mask up. Alternatively please let us know in advance if you do not wish for your instructor to breach the 2m distancing rule.

Booking a Class/Test & Trace

We will be operating a Covid-compliant booking system. This won’t look hugely different to how we operated before but it is a new system so you will need to set up a new account and book in advance. Our new software provider is GYM CATCH. You can book a class through our website, the GYM CATCH app and via Facebook. You can download the GYM CATCH app from your app store where you can manage all your booking and account information including reminders, classes, waitlists etc. We will also use the GYM CATCH app to communicate with you too. All attendance will be recorded and no cash payments will be accepted. Only registered users will be able to participate in a class. Please do not turn up without a prior booking. We do not share your data, however in light of a Covid-19 outbreak we will need to share attendance records and contact information to allow for test and trace to take place where necessary. This is the only time we would share your information.

One Way System

A one way system is in place at The Dunblane Centre and with minimal contact points to help reduce potential spread points. We will enter into the main gym hall from the front fire exit (the first one as you enter into the car park) then straight into the gym. There will also be a one way system in place inside the gym so please adhere to the path until you reach your square. This may feel very much like when you were in Primary school heading to assembly by class, but it’s a worthwhile exercise in order to control social distancing and keep everyone safe and well! We will exit through the fire exit at the other end of the gym hall (last in, first out) where you will follow the path outside all the way round which brings you back out through the side garden and back to the carpark


The main gym hall at the Centre has excellent ventilation options. Our ingress/egress points will remain open at all times to aid air flow. The top of the gym hall also has slated windows which will remain open to also aid airflow. The centre fans will remain OFF for the foreseeable as this restricts fresh air circulation.